Diaa Allam is a UAE-based artist specializing in Arabic calligraphy and live art performances. He creates 3D, flat, and motion calligraphy that spreads messages of values such as excellence, kindness, hard work, generosity, and growth.

As a former urban planner, Diaa has always been inspired by geometric shapes, mathematics, and language. He has spent years perfecting his own 3D calligraphy and live art performance styles. He has also experimented with new technologies such as NFTs, AR, and immersive experiences.

Diaa believes that in a world that is becoming increasingly uniform, creating art through Arabic calligraphy is a way of perpetuating the beauty of his language and culture to the world. He aims to introduce Arabic calligraphy to the general public through new technologies and immersive experiences.

Diaa believes that art should be seen and shared, as everyone deserves beautiful things.