Manchester City (2023)

In honor of the Treble winners, Manchester City, the Premier League club, expressed their gratitude to their fanbase through a special gesture. They commissioned a distinctive artwork using Arabic calligraphy, designed in Diaa Allam’s well-known liveart style. This masterpiece features star players of the team. The completed artwork was proudly shared on the football club’s […]

Four Seasons Hotel (2023)

The opulent Four Seasons Luxury Hotel hosted an exclusive VIP event, treating each attendee to a personalized touch from Arabic calligrapher and artist Diaa Allam. Every guest received a uniquely crafted, hand-written word, adding a bespoke and cherished element to the occasion. The event was met with high praise, and attendees left with their custom […]

Cop 28 (2023)

For the 2023 edition of COP28, the official conference which brings together representatives from countries around the world to discuss and negotiate global efforts to address climate change, Diaa Allam represented the United Arab Emirates’ commitment and heritage by recreating the logo of the COP28 in Arabic Calligraphy. The live performance reinforced the meaningful connection […]

Calligraphy Biennale by Dubai Culture (2023)

Diaa Allam Brings Art to Life at Dubai Calligraphy Biennale Dubai, October 2023 – Diaa Allam is excited to announce his creative collaborations and exhibitions as part of the Dubai Calligraphy Biennale’s inaugural edition. This special event will run from October 1st to October 31st. Partnering with Dubai Culture, Diaa Allam introduces his captivating solo […]

Hind Al Oud (2023)

Hind Al Oud invites you to step into the Ahojas world; where creativity meets Diaa Allam’s artistry in a dance of passion and inspiration. Together, they paint a universe where heart, soul, and scent fuse, turning the canvas into a vivid dream of expression.

Tiffany&Co (2022)

For the opening of their store in Dubai Mall, the infamous jewelry house Tiffany & Co unveiled an AR experience that allowed visitors to discover the story of one of the brand’s most iconic pieces: The Bird On The Rock. The #FollowTheBird experience takes Dubai Mall visitors on a journey from New York to Dubai, […]

DXB Airport (2019)

In 2019 as part of the DXB airport’s rebranding effort to become a cultural hub, Diaa Allam collaborated with the airport to create a stunning mural that showcases the beauty of Arabic calligraphy, which has become a must-see attraction for travelers. The unveiling of the art piece was attended by HH Shk Mohammed bin Rashid […]

Expo 2020 (2021)

In 2021, Diaa Allam collaborated with Expo 2020 to produce 12 immersive shows at the Al Wasl Dome, at the heart of the exhibition. Diaa Allam was the artist in charge of the show for the opening ceremony, in which he used the lyrics for the main expo song “This Is Our Time” to create […]

Louvre Abu Dhabi (2021)

In his continuous efforts to pursue new mediums and integrate Arabic calligraphy into all aspects of daily life, Diaa Allam has partnered with The Louvre Abu Dhabi and Michael Ang to display a digital projection of Arabic greetings on the walls, a unique art installation. The art was projected with the Infl3ctor, a tool co-invented […]

Lenovo Yoga book 9i (2023)

For their “Yoga Book 9i” campaign, Lenovo and Diaa Allam discover the new technologies and how it assists in creativity and the making of art. As a pioneer of using Arabic calligraphy in new mediums, Diaa Allam is always searching for new tools and approaches to spread the beauty of Arabic art and culture to […]

CBI Bank (2023)

Employees of the Sharjah offices of CBI Bank are greeted daily by bespoke artwork in collaboration with Diaa Allam.Featuring HH the President of the UAE and one of the 7 Rulers of the Emirates, the artwork captures the inspiring work of the builders of the Region and is displayed to motivate all that set foot […]

Harrods (2023)

For Ramadan and Eid 2023, Harrods and Diaa Allam unveiled a collaborative chocolate box packaging in the Artist’s bespoke calligraphic style to celebrate the Region and the Arabic culture.The beautiful gift box was available for purchase in the Harrods store across the UK, as well as gifted to the brand’s most loyal clients to celebrate […]

LP.ME (2023)

UAE’s most advanced music recording studio LP.ME welcomes their custom piece of Diaa Allam’s bespoke 3D calligraphy style “Layers” titled “Layers: Waves of a Nation”. The piece was commissioned to honor the region’s efforts to push the boundaries of culture and music. Depicting soundwaves, the calligraphy reads the lyrics of UAE’s national anthem — which […]

Harrods Hive (2023)

In March 2023, the world’s leading luxury department store, Harrods, launched in the United Arab Emirates, its first-ever regional hub connecting valuable networks of industry powerhouses and talent, from designers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and the next generation of game changers to create empowering dialogues, supporting the future of luxury. Traveling from Shanghai to Dubai, The Harrods […]

Westcoast Calligraphy (2022)

In the summer of 2022, Diaa Allam visited Los Angeles for a collaborative exhibition with fellows grafitti and calligraphy artists Big Sleeps, Prime K2S and Jim McHugh. The exhibition, titled “West Coast Calligraphy”, was produced and curated by Legacy West Media.

Smithsonian Institution (2022)

FolkLIVE Concerts A View from the Streets: Urban Culture from the UAE The United Arab Emirates is home to a distinctively cosmopolitan culture, and this show spotlights various elements of hip-hop as expressed in the UAE, long considered a global crossroads due to its geographical location and multicultural population. Featured performers include: Abu Dhabi-born Mustafa […]

CBI Bank (2022)

Visitors of the Jumeirah branch of CBI Bank are warmly greeted by a bespoke artwork in collaboration with Diaa Allam.Featuring the brand’s logo, the artwork captures the bank’s ethos via Arabic calligraphy to create a visually striking piece of the banking giant.   

Bedu (2022)

In 2022, Dubai’s Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) announced its support for the development of the metaverse. The project will be led by Bedu, a Dubai-based Web3 technologies and solutions provider.The collaboration in partnership with Bedu, Dubai-based Web3 technologies and solutions provider aims for both organizations to build a unique metaverse experience for the […]

Mashreq Bank (2022)

In 2022, Mashreq Bank, the UAE-based bank, requested for Diaa Allam to create a logo for the launch of their new brand identity to incorporate the beauty of Arabic calligraphy into their visual image and reflect their commitment to the region’s culture and heritage. The logo was created using Allam’s bespoke “Layers” style, which animates […]

Medinat Jumeirah (2022)

Through calligraphy and golden colors, visual artist Diaa Allam transformed inspirational quotations of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, into 21 murals, presented with a creative vision that adorns the Madinat Jumeirah market in Dubai. The new murals join a variety […]

Talabat (2022)

In 2022, Diaa Allam took part in the #CreativeCreavings initiative with Talabat, Dubai Culture, and Expo2020. As part of this initiative, one artist was hosted every month at the ‘Talabat Kitchen.’ The helmets were chosen to symbolize appreciation for delivery riders in the UAE and across the world. While the initiative aimed to foster the […]

Adidas (2021)

When you enter Adidas’ store in the Mirdiff City Center mall, your eyes will land on the Diaa Allam x Adidas calligraphy art piece behind the till.Featuring the brand’s slogan ” Impossible is nothing”, the artwork captures the limitless ethos via Arabic calligraphy to create a visually striking logo of the retail giant.The piece serves […]

Dior (2021)

For Ramadan 2021, Dior and Diaa Allam unveiled collaborative packaging in the Artist’s bespoke calligraphic style to celebrate the Region and the Arabic culture. A live event was also held in the Dubai Mall Christian Dior store, during which VIP Chanel clients were gifted their custom Arabic calligraphy greeting cards.  

Girard Perregaux (2021)

In 2021, Girard Perregaux (GP) held a private event during which Diaa Allam performed a live canvas painting of the brand’s “La Esmeralda” watch drawn in his signature style of Arabic Calligraphy. La Esmeralda is the famous prizewinning pocket watch made for the ‘Exposition Universelle’ in 1889. This legendary pocket watch blended extraordinary precision with […]

Lenovo (2021)

For their #SmarterInspo campaign, Lenovo and Diaa Allam explore the power of technology and how it assists in creativity and the process of making art. As a pioneer in using Arabic calligraphy in new mediums, Diaa Allam is always searching for new tools and approaches to spread the beauty of Arabic art and culture to […]

Nakheel Mall (2021)

To celebrate UAE’s 50th anniversary, Nakheel Mall and Diaa Allam brought to life a beautiful mural for visitors to see: on one side, Allam painted, during a live performance, a beautiful mural of his bespoke Arabic calligraphy. On the other, an arrangement of calligraphy tiles presented the UAE National Flag.Passerbys could not only admire Allam’s […]

Swatch (2021)

To celebrate Expo 2020, Swatch and Alserkal Avenue held a showcase of artworks by 10 of its former Swatch Art Peace Hotel residents at a special anniversary exhibition. To enhance Swatch’s presence at Expo 2020 Dubai and the link with the Alserkal Avenue arts district, Diaa Allam and four other local UAE artists were selected […]

Arab News Japan (2020)

To celebrate Japanese PM Shinzo Abe’s Arab Tour, Arab News created a calligraphy cover wrap for the newspaper.It was designed as a vertical double page spread.Utilising the Arab News Japan rising sun logo, designed by legendary Manga artist Go Nagai, we commissioned renowned calligrapher Diaa Allam to hand draw the script.The vertical script was written […]

AUS (American University of Sharjah) (2020)

For the 2020 annual AUS Alumni event, HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi made a heartwarming and motivational appearance.During the event, Diaa Allam was appointed to draw a live portrait of HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi in his signature style of Arabic calligraphy. The artwork took only 30 minutes and was gifted to the […]

Avani Hotel (2020)

When staying at the Avani Palm View Hotel in Dubai, visitors are greeted by a selection of Diaa Allam’s paintings in his signature style of Arabic Calligraphy. His artworks can be found in all areas of the hotel, from the welcome desk to the corridors and rooms.  

Cisco (2020)

In 2020, Cisco held its Cisco Connect event during which Diaa Allam performed a live canvas painting titled “Together, we make a Difference” drawn in his signature style of Arabic Calligraphy. The collaboration was held to inspire and empower the Women and Youth of KSA.  

G-Shock (2020)

In 2020, Casio Middle East launched a limited-edition watch inspired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. For this collection, it teamed up with Arab Watch Guide and invited two prominent regional artists to compete to create a timepiece inspired by the Dubai […]

HSBC (2020)

In 2020, Diaa Allam collaborated with HSBC, the global bank, to celebrate UN World Cities Day. Together, they unveiled a stunning 10x12m sustainable art piece. The artwork was a beautiful calligraphic representation of the city of Abu Dhabi’s skyline and was created to raise awareness about sustainability and the importance of preserving the environment.

King’s school Nad Al Sheba (2020)

In 2020, Diaa Allam was asked to help inspire students and younger generations through Art and Arabic culture by decorating the King’s School Nad Al Sheba with murals of his bespoke calligraphy.

Manchester City (2020)

To celebrate Eid Al Adha 2020, the Premier League club Manchester City sent a heartfelt greeting to their Muslim fanbase by commissioning and showcasing a unique artwork using Arabic calligraphy. The piece, designed in Diaa Allam’s well-known live style, features star players Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, and Riyad Mahrez. The finished product was then […]

Penhaligon’s (2020)

As luxury brands continuously look for ways to show gratitude towards their most supportive patrons, some, like Penhaligon’s go the extra mile. In 2020, perfume maker Penhaligon’s held a private VIP event, where each of the attendees received a special custom handwritten bottle from Arabic calligrapher and artist Diaa Allam. The event was a success, […]

Rolls Royce (2020)

What is luxury if not an exclusive experience? In 2020, luxury car maker Rolls Royce held a private VIP event, where each of the attendees received a special custom handwritten gift box from Arabic calligrapher and artist Diaa Allam. The event was highly appreciated, and the attendees collected their custom pieces fondly.  

Vogue (2020)

In 2020, Vogue Arabia, in their pursuit of showcasing the Region’s and World’s most talented individuals, held a photoshoot and interview with Arabic calligrapher and artist Diaa Allam.

GQ x Cartier (2020)

In 2020, GQ, the men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, teamed up with the luxury brand Cartier and the acclaimed Arabic calligrapher Diaa Allam to create a collaborative interview about defying expectations and using art to inspire.

Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies Barcelona (2019)

In 2019, Diaa Allam travelled to Barcelona to create a public art mural in one of the city’s most artistic park, the Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies. He created a pink and turquoise mural titled “Let the Love Come In”, a bright and youthful artwork in his bespoke style, Layers calligraphy.

Chanel (2019)

To celebrate the New Year of 2019, Chanel and Diaa Allam held a live event in the brand’s Dubai Mall store, during which VIP Chanel clients were gifted their custom Arabic calligraphy greeting cards.  

Aldar (2019)

To celebrate the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Granx Prix of 2019, Aldar and Diaa Allam created a 3x4m hand-drawn calligraphy mural of a horse, titled: “For the Love of the Arabian Horse”.  

Apple (2019)

Apple approached Diaa Allam to teach a workshop titled “Creating calligraphy patterns with Diaa Allam”. Open to the public, the initiative was launched to further Apple’s audience’s awareness and knowledge of Procreate, the brand’s most powerful and intuitive design illustration software.  

Etihad (2019)

In the year 2019, to further cement their international reach, Etihad Airlines sponsored activities in several of the biggest events Worldwide: the Tokyo Fashion Week in Japan, the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai and the Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi. During these activations, Diaa Allam was requested to represent the spirit of Arabic culture […]

FAB (2019)

To celebrate Ramadan. In 2019, one of the Region’s most prominent institution, First Abu Dhabi Bank, held a beautiful live campaign with Diaa Allam in which he create a mural in his bespoke style. The piece reads the value of Tolerance, held even more dearly in the blessed season of Ramadan.  

Midriff City center x MAF (2019)

For UAE’s National Day of 2019, Mirdiff City Center and Majid Al Futtaim commissioned a live art spectacle of Diaa Allam’s bespoke calligraphy. For the event, Allam painted 3 pieces: a portrait of HH Sheik Zayed, an Arabian Horse, and the MAF logo.  

SIKKA Art fair (2019)

For 2019, the SIKKA art fair, a yearly held celebration of UAE’s culture and artists, commissioned two murals from the renouned Arabic calligrapher Diaa Allam.

The Galleria AD (2019)

In 2019, The Galleria and Arabic artist Diaa Allam created a collection of gift items in Allam’s bespoke Calligraphy design for the opening of the new extension of The Galleria Abu Dhabi.

Diyar Al Muharraq (2019)

For the launch of the new Diyar Al Muharraq island in Bahrain, the country commissioned Diaa Allam, along with local and international artists, to create a 400-meter-long wall for their entrance. The wall is a stunning piece of art that represents the culture and heritage of the region. Each artist brought their unique perspective and […]

Bulgari (2018)

It is no secret that Luxury and private experience go hand in hand, which is why for UAE National Day in 2018, high jewelry maker Bulgari held a private VIP event, where each of the attendees received a special custom handwritten package with their name written in Arabic calligraphy by one of the World’s most […]